Day 1- My response to Trump’s Joint Address


With lent starting on Ash Wednesday, and Trump’s joint address to congress happening Tuesday night, I did not have a chance to comment on any of what he had to say in that address.

  1. I appreciated his more subdued tone and actually addressing hate crimes that have been rising since the election (good moment)
  2. I was concerned about his continued vilification of immigrants and was especially disturbed by his new office VOICE- Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement, which will release weekly reports of crimes committed by immigrants, for me this feels right out of the Nazi playbook.Trumps comments about immigration  VOICE comparisons to NAZI propaganda   Another comparison article
  3. I also felt that the address of the widow of Navy Seal Ryan Owens. While I felt it was an emotional moment and we do need to recognize the moment, it seems to me as a smoke and mirrors show to hide what really happened that day, which was Trump ordering the raid, which has proven to not provide any real intel (despite Trump saying otherwise) and killed 30 civilians, lost a 30 million dollar plane, and Trump himself didn’t even go into the situation room because he was too busy watching tv. I also felt it was frustrating that with Fox and Friends, he blamed the generals and the Obama administration for the whole thing  Article about the moment and the raid  (Trumps Tweets during raid )



UPDATE- 7 days later- this speech has not aged well


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