Day 2- AG had contact with Russians during election

Day 2 was highlighted by filled with information about Jeff Sessions, the confirmed Attorney General of the US having lied under oath about having contact with Russian Ambassadors during the campaign ( for which he worked for Trump). This is particularly disturbing considering his office would be who would investigate whether the Russians impacted the election. So if he was a part of it, who could there be a fair and unbiased investigation. That would be like the Aquaman investigating if Superman made a mistake, they are all apart of the Justice League and would have a vested interest in keeping the group together.

By the end of the day, he had felt enough pressure to recuse himself from the investigation, but he will still have to be held accountable for lying under oath (which is what caused Mike Flynn to lose his job) especially considering Jeff Sessions was one of the biggest pushers for Clinton’s impeachment for the same thing. (His views then and now)

Here is a great video on the concerns


Maybe we should have vetted his cabinet picks a little more- with now this being the 2nd to have ties to the Russians during the campaign.




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