Day 17-More on Meals on Wheels cuts

The Trump administration wants to cut funding for a program that delivers food to senior citizens because it isn’t worth the money, according to President Donald Trump’s budget director. 

“We can’t spend money on programs just because they sound good and great,” Mick Mulvaney said Thursday, referring to Meals on Wheels, a program that uses volunteers to deliver warm meals to more than 1 million older Americans in their homes every week.

Block grants that states use to fund Meals on Wheels and other programs “are just not showing any results,” Mulvaney said. “We can’t do that anymore. We can’t spend money on programs just because they sound good. And Meals on Wheels sounds great.”

Meals on Wheels does more than just “Sound Great” it is great. It has provided over 2.5 million homebound seniors meals and in fact, a 2013 review of research showed that most studies found home-delivered meal programs significantly improved diet quality, improved nutrition and reduced food insecurity among participating seniors.



But several studies have suggested that home meal delivery programs don’t just give senior citizens food ― the meals are an opportunity for homebound seniors to socialize with other people and can actually help them remain in their homes.


A 2012 analysis by researchers at Brown University suggested that states spending more money on Meals on Wheels-type programs wind up spending less on nursing homes, which absorb over one-third of Medicaid costs.

“These programs are also aligned with the federal cost-containment policy to rebalance long-term care away from nursing homes to home- and community-based services by helping older adults maintain independence and remain in their homes and communities as their health and functioning decline.” 

In a statement Thursday, Meals on Wheels America pointed out that the block grants specifically targeted by the president’s budget aren’t the main source of federal funding for its local Meals on Wheels affiliates across the country. The association said funding from the Administration on Aging makes up 35 percent of Meals on Wheels funding; most of the rest comes from donations. The Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees the Administration on Aging, would see its budget cut 17.9 percent under what has been billed as the Trump “skinny” budget. 

“The problem with a skinny budget is it is lean on details,” Meals on Wheels President Ellie Hollander said in a statement. “So, while we don’t know the exact impact yet, cuts of any kind to these highly successful and leveraged programs would be a devastating blow to our ability to provide much-needed care for millions of vulnerable seniors in America, which in turn saves billions of dollars in reduced healthcare expenses.”

Senior nutrition programs supported by the Administration on Aging have already seen their funding cut in recent years. The Meals on Wheels Association said its affiliates serve 23 million fewer meals per year than they did in 2005.


Meals on Wheels serves meals to 2.4 million seniors, including 500k veterans each year. And while these budget cuts don’t cut all their funding, it does cut their most consistent revenue stream and would force them to either cut more meals to seniors or have to rely more on donations.

But one thing to remember- no one loves our veterans more than Donald Trump so it’s time to put on the pressure and convince them to end this nonsense.


Just to remind you all how out of touch this man is with the plight of the poor in this country.

In fact, he is a man who once knocked former President Barack Obama as a “habitual vacationer” who played fast and loose with taxpayer dollars, Trump certainly seems to be making a habit of costly weekend getaways.

A recent Washington Post investigation estimated that the three weekends Trump has already spent at his Palm Beach resort have cost taxpayers $10 million dollars. At this rate, the Post said, Trump’s travel and security costs could reach hundreds of millions of dollars by the end of his four-year term.

Contributing to that estimate is the approximately $500,000 a day it costs to guard Trump’s wife, First Lady Melania Trump, in Trump Tower in New York City, where she has said she will remain with their son, Barron, 10, at least until he finishes the school year. According to police officials’ estimates reported by the Post, that amount could total $183 million a year.

The Post reported that the cost of the new first family’s elaborate lifestyle is “far beyond what has been typical for past presidents,” noting that the conservative group Judicial Watch estimated that Obama-related travel expenses totaled nearly $97 million over eight years. (Article)

According to a Fact Check on Snopes

President Donald Trump has made visiting his Florida golf courses a near every-weekend habit in the first month of his administration, and his aides are trying to obscure whether Trump is actually golfing during the visits.

One possible reason: Trump was a frequent and vocal critic of President Barack Obama’s golf habit, regularly slamming the former president for playing golf with many pressing issues before the country. Trump even suggested during a 2016 event in Virginia, in a knock on Obama, that if elected he was “not going to have time to go play golf.”

“I’m going to be working for you, I’m not going to have time to go play golf,” Trump said at the time.

Trump has visited his two golf courses near his Mar-a-Lago estate — Trump International Golf Course in West Palm Beach and Trump National Golf Course in Jupiter — six times in his first month in office.


All this at the same time he is cutting federal funding for programs like Meals on Wheels.

Don’t spend time thinking about Trump’s golf trip to Mar-a-lago this weekend as $3,000,000 of taxpayer funds. Think of it as merely meals for 419,000 seniors

If he stayed at the white house just 1 weekend instead of going to his PERSONALLY OWNED resorts, he could save the taxpayers enough money to fund this programs for ONE WHOLE YEAR!




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