Day 41- The Syria Bombing a few days later. It was a STUNT!

3 Things-

  1. It didn’t do anything
  2. He has no plan
  3. It was unconstitutional 

What I keep seeing on the news was how great it was that he finally did something great and how Obama didn’t do anything, yet in 2013 when Syria last used chemical weapons on a much bigger scale- Obama went to congress to get authorization to bomb (you know the correct way) and he was overwhelmingly shut down by the GOP congress, so much so he didn’t even bring it to a vote. And yet, when they are all praising Trump, they never mention this at all.

Just a reminder of Trump’s feelings about Syria up to the day he bombed


Eric Trump: “If there was anything that Syria [strike] did, it was to validate the fact that there is no Russia tie”

So there underlies the real reason for this strike- to try and distract and distance from the Russia Scandal.

This is certainly a less cynical motive for bombing a foreign government than the desire to defuse a domestic scandal. But it’s hardly a better one; Trump was perfectly aware that Assad’s government killed children before last week. Previously, he had even mocked the premise that gassing civilians was somehow worse than killing them with conventional weapons. It may be comforting to know that Trump is capable of feeling empathy for Syrian children when he sees them on TV — albeit, not enough empathy to unfreeze America’s Syrian-refugee program — but it’s rather unnerving that our president decides whether or not to commit an act of war on the basis of how it made him feel to watch cable news.


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