Day 46- The final day of my lenten break from social media.

As I reflect on the past month and a half I can say what I have seen in this country is a continued slide towards a complete demise of the middle class and a growing divide between the haves and have-nots in this country. I believe the Trump presidency has put a fast track on this whole process, but it started long ago. It started with the push for supply-side economic policy and deregulation during the Regan years, continued to worsen during the housing crisis of 08, and then ballooned after the citizens united court case. The republican party did a great thing for their party the past 20ish years, focusing first on local and state elections, to then have the power to draw the congressional districts, then create districts that were sure wins for their party, which increased their power in Washington. What they didn’t account for, and that pushed them over the edge, was the racial backlash to the Obama presidency. All of a sudden racist good ol’ boys who never cared enough to vote were all of a sudden mobilized and then they found their demigod in the name of Trump who pandered to every one of their biggest fears about immigrants, Muslims, and minorities. He was able to bring them all out of the woodwork by promising them all a trip back to the 1950’s bliss they either remember or were told about by their parents. The problem is, he lied about everything and has gone so far to say it was all a lie. He used “drain the swamp” because it got cheers at rallies, not because he believed it and now all of us in the middle are going to pay for it “BIGGLY”

Here is a running list of all the Crazy, Ridiculous things this man has done so far as President (191 at the point of writing this)

A day by day breakdown of the first 100 days of the Trump presidency

Some of the highlights

  1. All of the contacts between people on his campaign and transition team who have been connected to Russia so far, with a list that keeps growing. So far– Manafort, Flynn, Page, Sessions, Kushner, Trump Jr. , Tillerson, Ross, Stone, Gordon, Caputo, Gates, Cohen, Papadopoulos, Prince, and Trump himself. Just remember where there is smoke there is fire.
  2. Also, here is a list of 179 outright lies he has committed since being president.  A person with no moral center will say and do whatever they want to further their own purposes. The scary part is Trump doesn’t seem to think people can remember all the things he has said before or that things like Twitter and videos of his rallies are not a running list of all his promises.
  3. The Affordable Care Act repeal and replace plan- which is basically just a tax break for the wealthy. I have written about it extensively here, herehere, here, here, here, and here
  4. All the attacks on the environment through deregulation of pollution and rolling back almost every Obama administration plan to move us towards clean energy.
  5. His budget that prioritizes a military industrial complex over so many beneficial, and honestly cheap programs, considering many of the ones being cut could be saved if the First Lady would not live in Trump tower, or if Trump wouldn’t spend every freaking weekend golfing at his resorts. More on that here and here.
  6. If all the Russian hacking claims are true, then the GOP essentially stole the seat on the Supreme Court that will be in place for probably 40 years. Even if I felt Gorsuch was a good judge, the way he got there feels wrong on many levels, from not even giving Garland a change to removing the filibuster to get him through, this can possibly change the direction of the court and this country for years to come. I wrote about it here and here.
  7. Congress and Trump gave away your internet privacy and are now looking at removing Net Neutrality protections that could potentially turn the internet into a system like cable where you have to pay into different tiers to get to specific websites. I wrote about both here and here.
  8. Using military stunts like the bombing in Syria to try and shape the narrative about him and take the pressures off the Russia connection. Even having his “people” say and do ridiculous things to get the media to talk about it instead of the real news. I dug deeper here, here, and here.
  9. All the ways the Trump family is financially benefiting from the Trump presidency. Here is a short list that is ever growing as people dig more.  For a short example, all Trump’s trips to Mar-a-Lago. For every trip the Secret service pays rent of his golf carts, all the people there are paying more for their memberships for special access to the president, and all the foreign officials he wines and dines there which all benefit his pocketbook.
  10. All of his policies, tax cut plans, deregulations, child care plans, and appointments to his cabinet positions all point to one thing, he plans to help the mega-rich

These are just 10 of the low points (in my opinion) of the past 45 days. I have struggled to understand how this man has risen to power, but now all I can do is hope and pray that he doesn’t get us into a world war with either North Korea or the Syria, Russia, Iran coalition before he gets impeached. I do believe its a matter of when, not if.

I have also continued to struggle with the connection of Trump and the GOP to the Christian Church, especially when I see the Right attack the poor and minorities time and time again. I feel like I got clarity when I did my exploration on the prosperity gospel. To me, it’s no longer about Jesus and his teachings, but instead about what God can do for me, like he is a savings account where they can make deposits to get their “blessings”.

In the end, this break has been good for me. I am no longer compelled to pick fights when I see falsehoods and hate being shared on the internet. I choose to dig deeper, build a stronger case, and have facts behind my arguments. I am choosing to take emotion out of it as much as possible and attack it from an intellectual place and while I know that some of the other side doesn’t do that as well I feel it is important for a healthy debate of ideas. Getting back to that is the only way we will move away from the extreme polarization our bipartisanship has brought us to and move us more to a middle common ground.


I choose to Respect ALL people

I choose to fight for the poor, minorities, women, and other disenfranchised of our country.

I choose to Resist Hate when I see it and help people move away from narrow-minded, bigoted attitudes.

I will continue to fight for fair economic policies, universal health care, and quality public education.


I choose to Love as Christ Loved, Serve as Christ served, and hopefully Live as Christ Lived.

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