Dear Donald-this isn’t the Apprentice White House edition, its our Democracy you’re trying to ruin

There is a lot out there regarding Trump’s firing of FBI Director Comey.

My quick takeaways from everything.

  1. They can make up all the other reasons they want, it’s hard not to believe this is not related to Comey’s investigation of the Trump’s election and Russia. Especially when news will come to light that there is a Grand Jury determining subpoenas for the FBI, that Comey has requested more money to expand the investigation, Trump being outraged they were putting more effort into the Russia connection than his leaker witch hunt, and the Comey hearings keeping the Russia story in the news.
  2. We NEED a transparent independent investigation into the connections between the Trump Campaign, the GOP, and Russia. We need to know who, and how many of the associates of Trump are connected. Luckily members of both sides of the aisle are calling for this and I hope they continue to pound that drum until they get it.
  3. Just like his issues with the Travel (Muslim) Ban, Trump’s own ego and twitter handle will be his downfall. He cannot leave things alone and keeps a trail of bread crumbs that lead to his paranoia and self-delusion.
  4. The day after he fires Comey, he brings in Russia’s foreign minister. Seriously is he that dumb? And to make it worse, he refuses to let in any American reporters but allows in the Russian state run propaganda media.  He also for some weird reason, brought in Henry Kissinger, aka Richard Nixons national security advisor, the day after firing Comey.The Russian embassy then followed up with a tweeted photo of Mr. Trump shaking hands with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, the same ambassador who is currently at the forefront of the ongoing investigation into Russia’s meddling of the 2016 election. C_eXPgqXgAAlT2R
  5. Trump wanted it to be a public spectacle to embarrass Comey and to warn others who cross him, they are next.
  6. Fox news is essentially now just the Trump Propaganda arm, considering how they covered the Comey firing. When your take away from the situation is “The most important question of the night,” according to Sean Hannity; “Will new FBI director have the guts to go after Hillary?” and not even mentioning the investigation with Russia, that tells you all you need to know.
  7. Trump did not fire Comey over his handling if the Clinton emails, he has been one of his biggest fans, and it could be part of the reason he is president in the 1st place.

My favorite part of this all, Jeff Sessions pushed Trump to fire Comey because he kept talking about the investigation, and yet when it was helping Trump, he felt they had to share what he knew about Hillary.

But in the end, his Ego will be his undoing- because as Nixon learned, you cannot fire the person who is investigating you.

Trump’s Watergate Moment?

More Resources

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Comey’s firing is a moment of truth for the GOP, are they going to stand behind Trump and risk their own careers?


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